Wilbert F. Mays Adventist® School

An Independent co-ed Day School for Pre K-4 to Grade 8

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Communication between family and school is critical in the educational process. We believe that an open line of communication between the home and school should be maintained throughout the year. Reporting of student's progress will take place four times for the year, one for each marking period. Regular parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd marking periods of each school year. However, a parent or a teacher can initiate a conference at any time.

Teachers may schedule any extra conferences at a time outside of school hours that is convenient to both parent(s) and teacher. Should parents be desirous of conferencing with a teacher, an appointment should be made for a meeting outside of school hours. At no time are conferences allowed during teaching time. For the 2nd marking period, report cards are sent home with students for signing by parents, and for the 4th marking period parents receive report cards by mail after tuition payments are settled.

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LeShawn Bailey

#Lead Teacher

Jannette Shaw-Brown Donna Lindo-Mills Beverly Brown Theresa Ince


Education Consultant Secretary  Before Care Custodian
Ann Smith Angella Mosca    


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