Wilbert F. Mays Adventist® School

An Independent co-ed Day School for Pre K-4 to Grade 8

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Allegheny East Conference K-12 Board and the local School Board are responsible for overall supervision. The local School Board allocates total resources, makes decisions based upon the school's goals, directs personnel, and develops strategic plans that guide the development and growth of the school. The local School Board, in consultation with the principal, the Allegheny East Conference Office of Education, and the K-12 Board of Education, directs the affairs of the school.

Leadership is provided by the principal in areas of a spirituality, community relations, curriculum development and supervision of instruction, financial management, general school administration, supervision of personnel, and upkeep of the school plant, in keeping with the policies and decisions of the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the local School Board.


Title Name
Chair Person Dr. Silvea Thomas
Asst. Chair Person Sharifa Barracks
Secretary Mrs. Ann Smith
Treasurer Jonathan Mays
Finance Chair Frank Aroh
Home & School Chairperson Marrea Thomas
Pastor , D.D.
Officer Claude Goulding
Officer Michelle Goulding
Officer Michael Chiles
Officer Henson Ince
Officer Dwight Williams
Officer Ursula Browne
Officer Leshawn Bailey
Officer Dianne Aroh
Officer Sheryl Richards


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