The Wilbert F. Mays SDA School provides a unique environment where top academic performance is the norm rather than the exception.
Description: Student ERB PerformanceIn 2012 nationally standardized testing (ERB CTP4), more than two-thirds of students achieved at or above the 75th percentile, and one-quarter of students achieved at or above the 90th percentile.
 Wilbert F. Mays SDA School prioritizes not just high academic achievement but also continued growth.
Description: Student ImprovementNew students often come from programs where their potential is not being realized; almost three-fourths of new students enter with scores that are below our school-wide averages. During their first year at the school, students average an 11 percentile-point gain on nationally standardized tests. 
Description: HA Sources of FundingWilbert F. Mays SDA School keeps its administrative costs to a minimum without compromising the quality of the educational experience offered and prioritizes the efficient use of contributions to best deliver its mission, with 79% of spending going directly to the program. The school’s fundraising expenses are low at just 12 cents per dollar raised.