Welcome to the Wilbert F. Mays SDA School (WFM School). Our mission is to prepare and develop students to commit to academic excellence, embrace Christian values and Social responsibility, through Christ-centered teaching.

Integral to our existence is the realization that all students can learn given the right opportunities and access to the appropriate learning environment. I believe that children provided with a positive school climate will become successful, contributing individuals locally, nationally and globally.

The School Board and administration are intentional in the pursuit and exhibition of dedicated service, quality leadership, and professional development. These aspects give direction to student achievement, high performance, mutual respect, and a sense of awareness among students, parents, constituents, volunteers and stakeholders. Success of this school has been driven by collaborative and networking endeavors from parents, students, stakeholders and friends.

We have successfully completed  our Accreditation Evaluation and will continue to provide our students with a balanced program of intellectual, religious, physical and social training. In keeping with the purpose of Adventist Education, our school intentionally adopts and implement Adventist Curriculum that models in content goals that directly expose students to the gift of restoration of body, mind and soul. Students are given opportunities to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Each student is challenged  to develop a personal sense of mission for giving the gospel message to all the world in preparation for the coming of Jesus.

A very high estimate is placed on the infinite worth of every student. We seek  to provide a climate in which positive self-images may be developed. Academic excellence is promoted by challenging students to use fully their intellectual capacities, and provide opportunities to tap into the scientific advances of the age. Physical and health education reflect the belief that the body is God's temple. Students are encouraged to take an active interest in making the community a better place to live, to appreciate cultural differences, and to develop positive attitudes toward all people.

I believe that facilitating the spiritual and mental development of the student, will effect parent satisfaction, increase teacher morale,thereby resulting in high expextations throughout each academic year.

Fansico Murray-Williams